Epstein Hitting Select Softball Package

$50.00 / month with 1 month free trial and a $160.00 sign-up fee

Epstein Hitting Select softball players are on the path to success when they combine the proven effectiveness of the Epstein Hitting teaching system with the advanced metrics delivery of the Blast motion capture sensor.

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A limited number of softball players have the opportunity to join the Epstein Hitting Select program. This hitting instructor program combines the Epstein Hitting system with metrics from the Blast motion sensor.

Program Benefits:

  • Blast motion sensor (connects to ANY bat)
  • Blast mobile app for instant swing analysis
  • Blast Connect account for advanced tools & insights
  • Swing data reviewed weekly by Epstein Hitting
  • Monthly voice over analysis by Jake Epstein
  • Epstein Hitting system drills library

Subscription Details

Note: All subscription payments are managed through your account on EpsteinHitting.com

Initial Sign-up – $160

  • Blast motion sensor
  • Free shipping
  • 1-month free trial includes:
    • Weekly review of swing data
    • Monthly voice over analysis
    • Access to Blast Connect portal

Monthly Fee – $35

  • Monthly fee begins after 1-month trial
  • Continues reviews of weekly swing data, monthly voice over analysis and access to Blast Connect portal
  • Renews automatically

Membership can be cancelled at any time.

Starting With Blast

Softball Blast Connect Account

After sign up, players will receive an invitation with a link to setup account details.

Blast Softball App

Optional – Blast Vision App

The Blast Vision app can visualize the results of your swing using an iPhone (6S or Newer) or iPad (Pro or newer). There is a $9.99 in-app purchase to unlock full functionality.

App Store Preview

  • Blast Vision data:
    • Launch angle
    • Exit velocity / ball speed
    • Estimated ball flight distance
    • Spray charts

Sample Video Analysis

Members of the Epstein Hitting Select program receive a monthly video analysis where Jake reviews their swing, checks in on their swing metrics and sets goals for moving forward.