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Epstein Hitting offers programs that give
you the tools to build a better swing
Led by Jake Epstein, we offer a variety of swing training options.
Not only does Epstein Hitting help identify swing faults, we have a proven program of drills to fix those faults. All of our services revolve around the use of slow-motion video analysis to help create a plan focused on the player's needs.
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Online Academy
A cutting edge training platform designed for players and parents looking to train in a virtual 1 on 1 environment.
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In-Person Training
Players can also take advantage of one-on-one lessons and our regional hitting camps offered throughout the year.
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EH Select
Epstein Hitting Select combines tried and true instruction with using advanced metrics to make adjustments to the swing.
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Instructor Certification
Instructor certification is for instructors, indoor facilities, coaches and baseball or softball parents.
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