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Epstein Hitting can help you gain the tools it takes to build a better swing for players
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Teach the Epstein Hitting system.
Our instructor certification program gives you the tools to teach the fundamentals of hitting as well as giving you the drills to work with students. In addition, you will learn how to use video analysis with the teaching process.
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The Epstein Hitting system was created by 10-year Major League player, Mike Epstein.
In addition to leading the 1972 World Series champion A's in home runs, Mike played for arguably the greatest hitter of all-time, Ted Williams. Using what he learned from his career and Ted Williams, Mike built a system to identify and fix swing faults. Epstein Hitting is now led by Jake Epstein who has perfected the use of video analysis to create a plan to maximize a player's swing.
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Epstein Hitting has certified instructors throughout the country.
View our master list of instructors or use our instructor finder to find an Epstein Certified instructor near you.
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