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Epstein Hitting's tried and true instruction system has partnered with Blast to provide baseball and softball hitters an unparalleled program to tap the potential in every batter's swing.

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Video Analysis

Using the convenience of mobile apps, players will upload video of their swing for a monthly video analysis voice over by Jake Epstein.

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Training Plan

Based on monthly swing data and video analysis, a customized training plan will be built for all Epstein Hitting Select players.

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Blast Analytics

The Blast Motion sensor that each participant receives to use on any of their bats will automatically upload swing data for analysis.

Jordan Andrade USSSA 13U Home Run Derby Champion

“Jordan won the Home Run Derby with 10 more home runs and the longest of the day being 380 FT to left center. We are indebted and truly grateful of all we have learned over the years and having the faith and the belief in your teaching system.”

Henry Andrade
Blast Connect

In addition to the industry's most accurate motion capture sensor, Blast's mobile apps create a total improvement solution for players. Epstein Hitting Select members are given access to Blast Connect. Blast Connect unlocks Advanced Metrics, training insights and coach interaction with Jake Epstein.

Epstein Hitting Select Blast Connect instant feedback
Instant Feedback

Analyze data from any hit ball with simple stats and graphs.

Epstein Hitting Select Blast Connect workout creation
Customized Workouts

Insights are used to build workout plans and communicate with players.

Epstein Hitting Select Blast Connect stats and video analysis
Stats & Video Analysis

Monthly voice overs are used to identify goals and track progress.

Ted Williams with Mike and Jake Epstein at spring training
Ted Williams and Mike Epstein in Washington Senators dugout
Mike and Jake Epstein at Cal State Fullerton
Epstein Hitting System
Ted Williams > Mike Epstein > Jake Epstein

The foundation of Epstein Hitting comes from the lessons Mike Epstein gained from Ted Williams. Mike played for Ted while with the Washington Senators and their friendship grew through conversations about hitting philosophy. After his playing career, Mike started Epstein Hitting and handed his hitting instructor skills on to his son Jake. Over the years, Jake has perfected the Epstein drills and led the charge in improving hitting through video analysis.

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Blast Hitting Metrics
Bat Speed
Time To Contact
Attack Angle
Peak Hand Speed
Vertical Bat Angle
Body Rotation
On Plane
Blast Motion Baseball
Carlos Correa

"Technology is a part of the fundamentals. Blast Baseball is just as important as stretching out before games, it's something we rely on heavily."
Epstein Hitting Select is proud to be a Blast affiliate.

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Lauren Chamberlain

“I’m excited to be working with Blast... Anyone that knows me knows I’m passionate about softball and helping young female athletes become better hitters. It’s going to be fun to be part of the softball technology movement and growing the game!"
Epstein Hitting Select is proud to be a Blast affiliate.

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Epstein Hitting Select

Combine the valuable insights from the Blast sensor with the Epstein Hitting system to get the most out of your swing.