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Epstein Hitting offers programs that give you the tools to build a better swing. We perfect swings for professional, collegiate and youth baseball and softball players.

Epstein Online Hitting Academy video analysis
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Work one-on-one with Jake Epstein all year long utilizing our online hitting academy program. Each package receives customized video annotations, personal drill programs and direct access to Jake himself.

Epstein Hitting Instructor Certification working with player
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Our instructor certification program gives parents and coaches the tools to teach the fundamentals of hitting as well as teaching the drills to work with students. In addition, students will learn how to use video analysis in the teaching process.

Epstein Hitting team training
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Bring Jake to you for private team and organizational hitting events. Jake will personally train both your coaching staff and players in a custom hitting-intensive event. In-person training also includes lessons in the Denver area or working out at The Lab in College Station, Texas.