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Interactive coaching, customized training plan and in-depth video analysis hitting mechanics


Epstein Online Hitting Academy


Epstein Hitting Video AnalysisWith Epstein Online Hitting Academy, you receive interactive coaching, a customized training plan and in-depth video analysis of your baseball mechanics. All of our packages feature video annotations and weekly training plans done personally by Jake Epstein. Sign up now and relax knowing there are NO long-term contracts. You can cancel at any time.

Our program is ideal for both baseball and softball players. Epstein Hitting works with players of all ages. We develop hitters as young as 7 years old, high school, college and professional hitters as well.

How online training works

Epstein Hitting record film icon
Using your phone, tablet device, or digital camera take a video of yourself performing the action you want Epstein Hitting to help you with.

Epstein Hitting upload video icon
Upload the video to your media locker through the Spladap app or using your web-based online account and tag it for review.

Epstein Hitting video analysis icon
Using markup tools and audio commentary an Jake Epstein will examine your video and provide analysis of your mechanics.

Epstein Hitting custom training plan icon
With each video analysis, Epstein Hitting provides a custom training plan to focus on your specific needs.

Epstein Hitting direct instructor access icon
Direct access to Jake Epstein where you can ask questions and review your progress.

Epstein Hitting coaching videos icon
Observe as Jake Epstein walks you through the mechanics of every activity assigned to you.

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Epstein Online Hitting Academy training programs

  • Single
  • $ 49.00 / month
  • Best for:
  • – long-term development
  • – steady improvement of skills
  • 1 monthly video analysis
  • 1 customized weekly training plan
  • 2GB video storage
  • Sign Up
  • Double
  • $ 69.00 / month
  • Best for:
  • – more interaction with Jake
  • – moderate overhaul of a skill
  • 2 monthly video analyses
  • 2 customized weekly training plans
  • 4GB video storage
  • Sign Up
  • Home Run
  • $ 99.99 / month
  • Best for:
  • – rapidly fixing a mechanical issue
  • – major overhaul of skill
  • 4 monthly video analyses
  • 4 customized weekly training plans
  • 6GB video storage
  • Sign Up