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Alexia Lopez

Armando Lopez

Hello Jake, my daughter Alexia had a great weekend, best hitting weekend of the season. In the four games that we played, she had 2 doubles, 1 triple, and believe or not, a grand slam. Your drills have really shortened up her swing and her extension is much better. Thank you so much. I will post a new game video soon for you to review. Also, I was asked by several other teams who are participating in the PGF nationals if she can join their teams for the tournament next month! I’m fighting myself in trying to stay humble, but its very hard. Alexa said she would like to meet you one day. Many thanks!

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Mike Branch

Epstein Hitting has put it all together….the mechanics, the video analysis, and the drills. I can now identify the problems and offer specific solutions to make the player better. Jake has a wealth of baseball knowledge and does a great job of presenting info in a fun way.

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