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Jake, the hitting clinic was really awesome!  My enhanced ability to analyze and impact the kids’ hitting success is extremely rewarding to both athlete and coach.  Thanks again for breaking things down and making it possible to coach at any level.

Hitting a baseball around the age of 6 seemed so easy.  Like many of our kids, they seemed to find a way to have the bat meet the ball at an early age.  We all were excited to see the progression from T-Ball to Little league and beyond, but along the way our kids developed bad habits and inconsistent results.  Each year we would hear coaches bark out at the kids “Do not step in the bucket” or “Squish the bug” and so many more.  Every once and while a kid would get solid contact and the coach would then pat the kid on the back and say ”See what I told you.”  However, as a parent I realized that these suggestions never had any significant impact on the batting success, they were just words with little guidance.

Well, as a coach/parent I wanted to know the science behind the art of hitting a baseball.  Too often I see the lack of hitting success taking the enjoyment out of the sport that I love, Baseball .  I wanted, I needed to make a difference, so I reached out to Jake Epstein and signed up for the Epstein Hitting clinic.  This two day class is awesome!  The knowledge that I came away with not only improved my own coaching abilities, but gave me skills to improve the quality of baseball for my area. The gifted athlete all the way down can improve.  My new found skills allows me to teach the kids drills that creates muscle memory and batting knowledge.  This baseball awareness gives them the know how to hit the ball with more power and better consistency, which in turn creates better hitters and love for the game that we all love, Baseball.

Bob Bischoff
Attleboro, MA