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Both my boys had another really good season.  Both boys are driving the baseball and Adam (10)  had multiple balls off the fence.  A little more punch and he will get it.  Your system works… bottom line.  Adam hit over 600 during the season and consistently drove the baseball.  Even the times he rolled over the ball by taking it a little early, he still hit it hard.  His fall club coach just asked him where he learned his swing and he replied… Epstein.  Luke helped his team take 2 in the state tournament.  Parents were in disbelief as he consistently drove the ball.  In the semifinals, he hit a bases loaded double that went about 290 into the wind … he is 13 and 107lbs so he is a very thin/small kid.  Your instruction has definitely allowed him to maximize his abilities.

Thanks for helping our family make memories through baseball.  They will stay with us forever.

Dave Bujak
St. Paul, MN