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Hey Jake,

Thanks for the analysis of Ryan. I wanted to give you an update… Ryan has hit 3 HR’s thus far early in the season (literally over the fence, not on fields without fences) which is unheard of in our town for a 9 year old… very few have ever even hit 1. He has crazy bat speed and strength, and combined with the technique you are helping me perfect, we might really be onto something. He’s batting about .540 with 41 RBI’s in 23 games. He’s the 3 hitter for them. I really appreciate your help and your training tips (and you crack some jokes on your videos too which make me laugh.) If you ever do a trip through Cincinnati or the midwest, we’d love to come. Or if you ever did a week long camp type of thing, we’d be there. We’re always looking for good camps, but i’m afraid they won’t instruct him with the same theories you do so i avoid them!

Best Regards,

Jeff Bass

Ryan Bass
Loveland, CO