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Tony Laurento President West Chester Travel Baseball

We are always looking to educate our baseball players, families and coaches on the most updated techniques involving hitting a baseball. Jake Epstein has been teaching our organization over the past 12 years with innovative hitting mechanics and drills.  His understanding of the importance of body mechanics is foremost in his approach. The clinics and lessons he has delivered to our organization have driven increased players interest to pursue continued hitting instruction based on Jakes process.  Jakes personality and temperament, along with his methods of instruction, keep the players motivated and captivated throughout his clinics. We look forward to continuing working with Jake and his online academy for many years to come.

(Tony Laurento is a licensed physical therapist and President of the West Chester Baseball travel organization operating out of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  His organization includes 20 teams and 225 players ranging from 9U- 18U.)

Tony Laurento
Malvern, PA