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Tony Laurento

Tony Laurento President West Chester Travel Baseball

We are always looking to educate our baseball players, families and coaches on the most updated techniques involving hitting a baseball. Jake Epstein has been teaching our organization over the past 12 years with innovative hitting mechanics and drills.  His understanding of the importance of body mechanics is foremost in his approach. The clinics and […]

Craig Snider

Craig Snider Texas Tech softball coach

Jake brings a wealth of knowledge of not just the swing but hitting in general. Having the ability to bring him into our program and analyze mechanics, mindsets and the overall offensive philosophy has proven to be invaluable for our program. Jake is a staple consultant for our program.

Colten Chastain

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Hello Jake, my name is Colten Chastain, you probably don’t remember me but when I was 11 I started your program and did it weekly for 2 years and stopped when I was 13. Right when I went to your camp and started the program things rocketed up in my swing drastically, and within in […]

Maria Telle

Hi Jake! We owe a great deal of Maria’s success to your program. Before we found you she was considering not playing softball anymore because it just wasn’t going well for her at the plate. Since then, she has really turned it around and made it possible for her to play at the D1 level. […]

Ryan Bass

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Hey Jake, Thanks for the analysis of Ryan. I wanted to give you an update… Ryan has hit 3 HR’s thus far early in the season (literally over the fence, not on fields without fences) which is unheard of in our town for a 9 year old… very few have ever even hit 1. He has crazy […]

Pat Clark

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Hi Jake, this is John’s dad, Pat Clark.  Just watched your first video analysis of his swing and everything you said makes so much sense.   We can’t wait to get started on all the drills.  Just wanted to drop you a note to say hello and let you know how excited I am to […]

Anders Hegedus

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Hi Jake, We just got to play in our first (and only) tournament this fall  – just this past weekend.  I was a little nervous about how Anders would perform, but my concerns were quickly wiped away… I am not saying we are there yet, but in his first AB with his new swing he […]

Dominick Cotoni

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Jake, I just wanted to thank you and let you know how his weekend went. He hit the ball solidly with lines drives and hard ground balls using a drop three bat against some pretty hard throwers in a 14U tournament (he is the youngest on the team since he just turned 13). I can […]

Dave Bujak

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Jake, Both my boys had another really good season.  Both boys are driving the baseball and Adam (10)  had multiple balls off the fence.  A little more punch and he will get it.  Your system works… bottom line.  Adam hit over 600 during the season and consistently drove the baseball.  Even the times he rolled […]

Ralph Hegedus

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Jake- I just wanted to let you know that we have been on vacation for the past week and will not be back until this weekend. The good news is that we took our balls and paddle bat with us so we are still working on some drills. I will get you a video ASAP. […]